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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Personal Protective Equipment

The use of personal protective equipment is essential in any worksite to ensure the safety and physical integrity...
Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Construction Safety
Portland cement

Portland Cement and Portland Cement Types

Cement is a fine binder powder with binding properties that hardens on contact with water. In addition of water, cement becomes a...
Formwork Systems

Formwork Systems and types

Formwork Systems
Construction materials

Construction Materials. Classification and types

Building materials and classification and construction materials Types Stony materials: these are natural stones and rocks and...

Columns, description and types

Definition of columns The columns are rigid and relatively slender structural members designed primarily to support axial compressive loads applied...
Electrical installations

Electrical installations, description and definition

Electrical installations consist as the connection system that has the mission to conduct and distribute the electric current, from the electric service to the...
Sanitary Installations

Sanitary Installations

Sanitary installations consist in the Interior Water and Drainage Installations, solve two of the basic problems of sanitation within a building. One...

Foundations Types

Isolated foundations Are a type of surface foundation that serves as the basis for specific structural elements such as pillars; so that this shoe...


They are called foundations or foundation to the set of structural elements whose mission is to transmit the loads of the building or elements...