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Special Excavations Types

Excavation with Explosives Excavation with explosives involves risks, it is a dangerous operation that must be entrusted to trained personnel for this specialty. Therefore, a safety...


Land Movement is understood as the set of actions to be carried out in a land for the execution of a work. This set of...

Stakeout of work

Stakeout a work means starting to take the drawings from the plane to reality, but what on paper seems easy, in the work may...

Site of work

  Before occupying the site of work we must take a tour of it to identify some things that we must take into account to...

Construction Project

After conceiving a construction project based on a need or based on the opportunity to offer something new, or also to create a need,...

Civil Engineering and Construction

Civil engineers are accountable for designing, building, maintaining and controlling your stresses the entire process of constructing private and public facilities. It's also the...
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