COVID-19, protection of construction site personnel


At present, in times of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic (COVID-19), in construction projects it is necessary to take into account new protection factors on site to avoid the contagion and spread of the virus.

Certain protocols must be established for transport to the site, reception of materials, physical distance between workers, use of dining room and bathrooms, also of bedrooms on the sites that require it, work in closed places and transport back home.

Transportation to the work site in times of coronavirus

Each worker must have safe transportation from the place where he lives to the work site. This transportation can be provided by the state, by the client or by the contractor.

Physical distance and all preventive and protective measures must always be taken into account.

On the construction site in times of COVID-19

In addition to the personal protective equipment used in construction, the use of appropriate masks, such as KN95, should be mandatory, as well as the use of protective glasses.

Maintain physical distance and all recommended hygiene measures. For the use of bathrooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, all the above measures should also be taken into account.

The entrance to the building site with COVID-19 caution

At the entrance of the personnel to the work site, they must make the verification of place, man by man, and be sure that there is none with symptoms of COVID-19.

The same with the reception of materials, it is necessary to be very rigorous with the personnel that takes materials, since they do not belong to the personnel accustomed to work in that zone of construction.

If any person with symptoms of the virus is found, it is necessary to proceed with the indicated protocols. 

In general, the basic measures that cannot be missed are: physical distance (minimum 1.50 meters one person from another), permanent use of gloves, mask and glasses, as well as, washing your hands every time you touch something different from the work tool or every thirty minutes.

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