Ideas for building affordable housing


Ideas for building affordable housing

We will teach you some of the main techniques you could use to carry out your own project of building affordable housing. You may be thinking about the idea of having your own house, but you think the money factor is the main enemy to be beaten.

Techniques for building affordable housing

Although it may be hard to believe, the truth is that building a house with unconventional materials has never been as easy as it is now. Many people have been encouraged to create their own homes using inexpensive and easily accessible materials such as containers, bamboo, wood, recycled objects, and more.

When building a house we must take into consideration the economic value of the materials we are going to use, but it is also important to study the techniques, because they usually directly influence the budget and quality of the work.

Metal structure and brick

If we are talking about quality building materials, we cannot leave aside the metal structures. They are highly economical, strong and best of all, they are durable. Homes built with this type of structure are usually more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Concrete or concrete blocks

The concrete blocks are presented as one of the best alternatives, especially for the speed, accuracy and uniformity of the measures of the blocks, resistance and durability. It is a highly versatile material that is becoming more and more attractive to people.

The tapial technique, another excellent option

This technique basically consists of erecting walls of clayey soil, previously compacted using a manual rammer, using a board formwork, although metal can also be used. The construction process based on this technique is as follows:

You place two parallel woods and between them you must spread the soil in layers of 10 or 15 centimeters. The soil becomes more compact as it is pressed with the boards.

How about trying recyclable wood?

Wood is the best option for ecology lovers, because it is a clearly recyclable material. In addition, building with this type of material will make our home environment more welcoming and pleasant.

Dare to use a container

These types of containers have the advantage of being made mostly of steel or aluminum, which makes the construction more resistant. Although this is not a new technique, since it comes from the 1950s, nowadays its popularity has been increasing.

Other amazing ideas for building affordable homes

Today it is more accessible to build a home from scratch with unconventional materials. To do this you will only need a little imagination, creativity and the desire to have an attractive house but with a small budget. Incredible, isn’t it? Here is a list of affordable homes to build:

Bamboo Houses

Bamboo cane has the advantage of being strong and resistant, so it facilitates the construction of houses. It is a sustainable resource, easy to replenish, economical and best of all, it does not pollute the environment when prepared for construction.

Earth, Mud and Adobe Homes

With this type of material you will be able to build economic housing, as well as contribute to the care of the environment. One of the benefits of building with mud and earth is the thermal behavior, because it conducts little heat and acts as a temperature balancer.

Steel Frame Houses

The advantage of building with this type of structure is that it reduces costs by up to 30 percent and is easier to work with than traditional building materials.

Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses represent a great option when it comes to housing construction. The construction process is carried out in parts on site, and then the structure is moved by truck and assembled on site.

Two-storey modular house

Today it is possible to build a two-storey house using modules. The process is faster and best of all, the cost of materials is lower compared to traditional construction.

There are also the one-storey modular houses, which are built in workshops and then the modules are brought in for assembly.

Metal sheets

Metal sheets are now not only used for deposits, but are an attractive option for building houses. This type of material is ideal for extreme climates and the end result is very modern.

Dome house

In recent years dome houses have become one of the most popular in the world. Their structures are sustainable, in addition to presenting a modern design. Many low-cost materials can be used for the construction of the structure.

Iron and glass house

One of the advantages of building with iron is the speed of the process, and this type of structure is much cheaper than traditional ones.

Houses with thatched roofs

Thatched roofs in homes are an alternative that is becoming more popular as time goes by. The advantage of this type of material is not only its low cost, but it also acts as a heat insulator.

Stone and concrete houses

It is possible to build a concrete house, with its sides made of stones and fine grass. It is an alternative that does not require excessive expenses and, best of all, it is ecological.

Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in traditional and unconventional construction. It is economical and allows you to use your imagination to obtain wonderful results.

The construction of a house without spending so much money is possible, as long as there is a willingness to do it; the amount of economic materials that can be used in these cases is inexhaustible. We hope that this article has served as a guide to start your process.

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