Sanitary Installations


Sanitary installations consist in the Interior Water and Drainage Installations, solve two of the basic problems of sanitation within a building. One of them comes to be, the choice of a water supply system appropriate to the characteristics and needs of each building, taking into account that its design and construction preserves water potability and guarantees its supply to consumption points in optimal conditions of quantity and pressure.

The other aspect is sewage, which is one of the main vehicles for the transmission of pathogens of epidemic-type and infectious-contagious diseases such as: poliomyelitis, hepatitis, typhoid, etc., must be evacuated. The buildings, through systems that avoid any possible risk of contamination with the environment. The solution to the problem of water served involves the design of drainage and ventilation facilities, which must be designed in such a way that they allow a rapid drainage of the waste and avoid obstructions, prevent the passage of gases and animals from the public network to Interior of the building and do not allow the siphoning, escape of liquids or the formation of deposits in the interior of the pipes and finally prevent the contamination of drinking water, the diversity of problems that arise in a building and the intimate relationship that these have with health, it makes the interior water facilities a specialty of Sanitary Engineering and is the Engineer with his knowledge of Engineering and Public Health, the professional called to the solution of this type of problems.

Since earthworks, the sanitary installations must be kept pending, since they involve a large number of pipelines and registers, both of drinking water and of sewage. We understand drinking water, which comes from the aqueduct to the tap or any other sanitary device. We understand sewage water that we drain after using it.

During the construction process of any work the sanitary installations are placed simultaneously with the other construction tasks. These facilities culminate shortly before the end of the complete work.


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