Site of work



Before occupying the site of work we must take a tour of it to identify some things that we must take into account to achieve an adequate organization from the beginning of the work and the work itself.

First, we must make a comparison of the surveys, both planimetric and altimetric, with the terrain for the purposes of handling the relief, for the formation of the accesses and create the necessary mobility within the construction site and also for the channeling of the superficial runoff of the waters within it and, most importantly, to make the definition of the spaces to be used for the proper development of the work such as: location of the office, toilets of workers and visitors, parking of light vehicles and heavy, access to and exit from construction site, access roads, storage area for materials, tools and equipment store, nursing and first aid, dining room, meeting point in case of emergency, among others.
All these spaces will be defined respecting and giving priority to the spaces necessary to carry out the constructions. Of course, the definition of the spaces can be dynamic and variable in different stages of the work, that is to say, that can be changed depending on the need of the moment or the phase in which the work is found, and if necessary and schedule allow it could be use construction spaces for other functionality in the meantime it is not necessary to start it.

With these spaces already defined what would be a site plan of work, which should be known by all the staff that would intervene in the construction work, whether visitor or worker. The definition of these spaces will contribute during the construction process to an organized work, which guarantees a considerable reduction of accident risks and a correct flow in the speed of execution of the works.

Having a well-defined plan of the construction site is much more feasible to schedule jobs thanks to the smooth flow of personnel and equipment, but also, it contributes with the clean execution of the work, it avoids accidents, it facilitates the delivery and reception of materials , as well as the cleaning of the place and the boat of useless materials resulting from cutting of land, demolitions and others. In the end, it is clear and notorious, that the definition of a site plan is very important for the development of the same and contributes directly to the adequate delivery in time, quality and defined economy.


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