Special Excavations Types


Excavation with Explosives
Excavation with explosives involves risks, it is a dangerous operation that must be entrusted to trained personnel for this specialty. Therefore, a safety plan is established before starting the detonations.
The work is done with drills called holes, in the rock of greater or lesser length, depending on the front to open.

Then the hole is cleaned, the cartridge is loaded and inserted into the hole. The hole is then cleaned carefully, the cartridge is loaded, inserted into the hole, retained, the detonators are connected to the power source and detonated.

Then it must be checked that all the holes have exploded and that there has not been any

Excavation in trenches and wells
The excavation in trenches y wells is the movement of earth that is carried out through
mechanical or manual means, to reach the firm in order to offer the support of the foundations.
In its execution, tasks of opening, refining and cleaning the bottom are carried out; if it is
required, the works of laying and depleting or depleting the land are included if there is water.
According to the NTE, current regulations, it is considered ditch to the excavation in the land with a width or diameter that does not exceed 2 m. and a depth no greater than 7 m.
In general, the wells and ditches are those that are made for the construction of the footings, braces bracing and for sanitation facilities.
Once the emptying has been completed, the set-up and foundation work of the building is
carried out.
The identified bridging shoes and beams are marked, always leaving external fixed points as reference, and the excavation is carried out. When the excavation is finished, we proceed to the manual refining of the walls and to the cleaning in the background.
Special care should be taken when digging ditches and wells at the edges of the foundation wall foundation.

In areas of low cohesion it is necessary to use the shoring. As the shoring, in general, are not contemplated in the projects, it is the responsibility and decision of the contractor to execute them, proposing to the construction manager their realization.
While they are being made, the shoring must be checked daily before starting work.
The shoring is removed when they are no longer needed and by horizontal stripes, starting from the bottom of the cut.
Take the pertinent precautions as it is a dangerous task, both the embezzled and the
If water appears in the ditches, it will be disposed of by suitable means and machinery.

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